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Drug/Alcohol & Paternity DNA Testing


All services are scheduled by appointment only:  512.639.9524

Below are examples of why a drug test may be administered:

  • There are court orders.
  • A judge makes a verbal order or ruling.
  • A mediated settlement.
  • Rule 11 agreement.
  • When an attorney or parent of a minor makes a request.
The directive from the above will determine:
  • When the test will be administered and by who.
  • What actions will be taken if there is a positive result from the test.
  • Who the results are made available to.
  • Who will pay for the test(s).
  • Alcohol Swab:                                                           
Determines .02 and above. 

  • Oral Drug Swab:                
5-Panel and 10-Panel


Types of hair / nail tests:  Specimen is retrieved by ACCESS and sent to a lab.  Negative results arrive back  within one day after arriving at the lab.  A positive determination will arrive within four  to five days. 

Any type of drug test can be ordered.  Please call with your questions.  512.639.9524

  • EtG (Ethyl Glucoronide) Alcohol:
  Hair -Tests back  approximately 3 months.  Nail- Tests back approximately 4.5 - 6 months.
  This test does not have to be court-ordered.  Collection of the samples are by buccal swab method (mouth swab).  A sample is taken from the mother, the child and the possible (alleged) father are taken and sent to a lab for testing. A positive form of identification such as driver's license or birth certificate is required.   Each person is photographed as part of the identification procedure.  The parties need to come on the same day for submission of sample but not at the same time.  Test results are usually available within days after specimens have been received at the lab.  A notarized document will be provided with the results.

The process uses a 21-marker genetic analysis in combination with a double-blind process.  This consists of 1 marker that is a quality control check and 20 other genetic markers.  This testing method increases the chance of excluding a man who is not a child's biological father.  When a man is not excluded, this testing method may provide results that show a high likelihood (99.9999%) that he is the father. 

All services are confidential.                                         

  • Subpoena of Records:                                              $50.00
If documents are mailed there will be an extra $8 for certified mail, or the current USPS rate.

  • Subpoenaed Court Appearance:                              $100 per hour 
A $200 down payment is required one week prior to appearance.
The fee includes time for preparing, travel to and from the court house and length of time spent at the court house.  The fee is non-refundable.

  • Random Drug Testing:                              Pricing on a case by case basis.
Court ordered or agreed between parties.  Access will randomly test and keep records and provide a report. 

  • Home Inspection:                                 $50 per hour including travel and report.
Court ordered or agreed between parties.  Access will provide a report to the designated party.

Acceptable forms of payment are money order or credit cards.


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